How it Works
Welcome to Apprentice Track

Apprentice Track is a flexible and individualized four-stage program, with each stage lasting roughly 6 months.

Progression from one stage to the next is accomplished by participation in PHAZELINE sessions, and by completing individual peer-evaluated milestones.

The Apprentice Stage focuses on Process, Teamwork, and Communication. Apprentices learn how to organize, complete, and evaluate their own work and the work of their team-mates. The goal of the apprentice stage is to learn HOW to work effectively either alone or as part of a group by learning the Phazeline process.

The Associate Stage focuses on Competence, Teamwork, and Leadership. Apprentices learn how to organize and run meetings, how to mentor others, and how to move self-directed teams towards excellence. The goal of the associate stage is to develop individual competency and experience within the Phazeline process.

The Analyst Stage focuses on Experience, Networking, and Personal Brand Building are the hallmarks of the Analyst stage. During this stage, the Apprentice develops a network of contacts by working directly with our business partners through limited internships. The goal of the Analyst stage is to build a personal brand based upon excellence.

The final stage of the program is the Specialist Stage. The concentration here is Expertise, Networking, and Opportunities. This stage continues to develop a personal brand and reputation built on giving nothing less than their very best.

The ultimate goal of Apprentice Track is for the apprentice to be the right person, with the right skills, at the right time.