Phazeline Process
Welcome to Apprentice Track

Phazeline is our framework for getting things done. It is a process based upon the Agile software development process and has been designed and developed specifically for Apprentice Track. Phazeline is a fantastic methodology for planning and executing ANY project.

Phazeline is a method for project execution based on the Agile methodology called SCRUM. Phazeline is a compressed series of work time-blocks that simulate days in the real-world. The Phazeline method is designed to teach apprentices the value of having a process framework for getting things done.

A Phazeline session has three distinct phases: organization, execution, and review.

Organization: The project team learns how to break out a project into stories and tasks, how to prioritize those tasks and determine dependencies, and the best way to tackle the project. Apprentices are taught how to create an EXECUTION MANIFEST, and how important it is in accountability and transparency.

Execution: By employing different techniques for execution of tasks such as extreme programming (Pair Programming), apprentices gain experience with success and learn that large projects/problems are nothing more than a bundle of smaller issues and tasks.

Review: At the end of each Phazeline session, the project is reviewed by the team and a stakeholder of the project. If needed, priorities for the next session are set. Each team also performs a retrospective designed to improve how the team is working together.

The Phazeline process creates a stable environment for the team to grow and develop their teamwork skills.