Who We Are
Welcome to Apprentice Track

Apprentice Track partners with Education Institutions & High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, and Workforce Development Centers to provide the connection between Education, Training and the Workplace. We can provide the services that others do not want to, or cannot deliver.

We are uniquely positioned in the business community to offer the connection between Education, Training, and Work that leads to EMPLOYABILITY. What we have put together is the ultimate "World-of-work work-study" that can give valuable work experience to students.

For those who are struggling with direction and are undecided about a career path (or maybe even considering a career change), Apprentice Track can provide exposure to a multitude of careers and job roles. We strive to give students insight into the world of work (and their future) so that they may intelligently decide upon a career path.

Through our Phazeline sessions, students rotate through and experience various facets of the world of work & teamwork, leadership, organization, planning, and most importantly: execution, getting things done. The best part of Apprentice is that every bit of work completed is for a real-world project.

This valuable experience can help a student choose a career path, all the while giving them crucial experience in the very same field. Our apprentices are introduced to Industry Experts who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise and acting as a point of contact in their field.