What We Do
Welcome to Apprentice Track

Apprentice Track seeks to bridge the gap between what a student is learning in the classroom, and what they need for their careers - to move from where they are to where they want to go.

We stress the need to become an expert, to strive for excellence in everything, and to never imagine that there is ANY other way to do things.

All your best, in all your work, all the time.

The four-hour Phazeline sessions are the core of Apprentice Track. These are designed to allow our teams to complete Project Profiles - REAL WORLD projects for REAL clients.

In the past, apprentices have worked on a variety of business, print, web, database, and computer networking projects. The clients that ApprenticeTrack have partnered with in the past have provided amazing opportunities for apprentices to gain valuable experience.

In each Phazeline session, every apprentice is individually mentored and coached. While participating in various team roles, they learn to be self-directed, self-improving, and cross-functional.